Alocasia Zebrina

Botanical Name: Alocasia zebrina
Common Names: Elephant Ears, Zebra Plant, Zebra Alocasia
Alocasia Zebrina


Add some exotic beauty to your home with the Alocasia Zebrina. Its distinctive striped stems and vibrant green leaves bring life to any space. Be captivated by the unique leaves of this stunning houseplant. Who knew a plant could look so good?

Care Guide

Light Requirements
Prefers bright indirect light. Tolerates medium light. Growth will slow in medium light conditions. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves.
Artificial Light
Direct Sun
Water Needs
Prefers consistent but moderate watering. Tolerates occasional dryness. Will not tolerate excessive watering.
Soil Preference
Prefers chunky soil with plenty of large, organic, particulate matter. The coarseness of the soil allows water to drain freely while the individual components hold moisture effectively.
Moisture Retention
Fast Drying
Drainage Speed