Begonia Amphioxus

Botanical Name: Begonia amphioxus
Common Names: Butterfly Begonia
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Begonia Amphioxus is an attractive and unusual Begonia. It has a shrub-like growth habit with lance shaped leaves that come to a point at both ends. The leaves are marked by dark red spots on a green background with a lovely maroon edge, giving it an unexpected and exotic appearance.

Care Guide

Light Requirements
Prefers bright indirect light. Tolerates medium light. Growth will slow in medium light conditions. Direct sunlight can scorch the leaves.
Artificial Light
Direct Sun
Water Needs
Prefers consistent but moderate watering. Tolerates occasional dryness. Will not tolerate excessive watering.
Soil Preference
Prefers a soil mixture with moderate drainage speeds and moderate water retentive properties. Include sustainably sourced peat moss for water retention and perlite or pumice as a drainage amendment.
Moisture Retention
Fast Drying
Drainage Speed