Stand Out Snake Plants

Easy care Dracaena (formerly Sansevieria) varieties with a unique look


Moonshine Snake Plant

Let me introduce you to the Moonshine Snake Plant, a unique and celestial beauty in the world of snake plants! This plant effortlessly brings a touch of otherworldly magic to any room with its silver-green leaves. And the best part? It's practically indestructible! Forget about complicated care routines, because the Moonshine Snake Plant thrives on neglect. It can survive in low light, withstand periods of drought, and even forgive you if you forget to water it for weeks on end. Talk about a plant that's as low-maintenance as they get. So, whether you're a seasoned plant parent or a complete green-thumb newbie, the Moonshine Snake Plant will be your loyal companion, adding a touch of cosmic charm to your space.


Whale Fin - Sansevieria masoniana

If you want a unique looking variation on a Snake Plant, the Whale Fin is sure to make a splash! Just in time for summer, the Whale Fin lives up to its name. Known botanically as Dracaena masoniana or Sansevieria masoniana, it has leaves so big and bold, they resemble the fins of a mighty marine mammal. Its bold leaf also flaunts unique patterns and a delightful touch of wavy texture. Like most Snake Plants, it doesn't need a ton of attention. It can handle low light like a pro and only requires occasional watering. So, if you're ready to add a touch of oceanic grandeur to your collection, dive in - with the Whale Fin!


African Spear Plant - Sansevieria Cylindrica

Now for the last, but certainly not least… the African Spear Plant (Sansevieria cylindrica or Dracanea angolensis)! It has a unique, striking architectural appeal paired with its low maintenance requirements,. This Snake Plant is best known for its cylindrical, spear-like leaves and impressive adaptability. The spears can be allowed to grow freely, or with proper care and a delicate hand, can be trianed to grow together in a braided design.