A Planter for Every Type of Plant Ownerss


Each of us is a unique type of plant owner. There are those of us who love a variety of species to care for and those of us whose houses are filled with ferns only. Some people swear by moisture meters, whereas others use the rule of thumb- sticking their thumb in the dirt, that is.

And just like each of us is a one-of-a-kind plant owner, we have one-of-a-kind aesthetics when it comes to the homes of our plants: their pots. This is a list of the best houseplant pots for every type of plant owner out there.

The Lover of Color

We see you over there. With your colorful Polka Dot plants, stunning Stromanthe Triostar, and vivid Calathea lancifolia. You love color and we love you for it! Without you, this world would be all greys and beige- but luckily you’re here to add color and fun to it!

For you, we think that the 4.5” Gemstone Cylinder Pots with Water Saucers from Momma Pots would be perfect to continue the vibrant reputation you’ve earned. These gorgeous pots and saucers are made from high-quality porcelain, and come in a range of vibrant colors including but not limited to Sea Glass Blue, Dusty Rose, and Mustard Yellow.

These beautiful pots measure 4.5”x 4.5” and are 4” deep- making them perfect for repotting your 2” or 3” plants. Handmade, you can be assured that each pot is just as unique as the lovely little plant that will call it home!

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The Thalassophile

Beach lover. Sea worshipper. There are many words and phrases to describe those who are drawn to the beach and ocean, but far and away the most fabulous sounding is thalassophile. You’ve got the shell collection, beach house photography, and lots of blue and white striped linens.

If you can’t get to the beach, then you’re bringing it to your home and we love that about you! Just like the calm beach waves, you are laid back and easygoing and deserve a planter that reflects this about you.

For you, thalassophile, we recommend the Woven Seagrass Belly Basket Planter from Sprout & About. This boho basket is woven from seagrass and comes in various sizes. You can purchase one for your 4”-10” plants in order to dress them in the ultimate beach chic style.

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The Cheeky Friend

You’re the life of any party and your home is filled with artifacts of your many adventures. You love a good laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. You fill your home with whimsical plants like Phlebosia Nicholas Diamond, Polka Dot Begonias, and Ponytail Palms. For you may we suggest the Booty Planter from Rosebud Homegoods.

These adorable little planters are made from plant-based plastic- making them an eco-conscious choice as well as lightweight and durable. The Booty Planter measures 4.5” wide, 5” tall, and 4.5” of planting room- making them perfect for your 4” plants.

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The Captain Planet Plant Parent

You pot your plants in repurposed yogurt containers and propagate them in old olive jars. You use environmentally friendly soil amendments and fertilizers. Before buying a plant, you check to see if a friend has one you can get a clipping off of. The power is yours and everyone knows it! You think of the wider environment with every step of plant ownership and we salute you!

We have a couple of pots that would tie into your eco-conscious ways. First up are Ecopots from Ecopots. These amazing little pots are made 80% from recycled plastic (the majority of which is harvested from the ocean) and recycled stone. UV and frost-resistant and shatterproof, part of what makes these an environmentally sustainable choice is that they will last you a very, very long time.

The next environmentally friendly option is the Kanso Natural Upcycled Planters from Kanso. These gorgeous planters are made from upcycled natural byproducts such as bamboo, coffee bean husk, nut husk, rice husk, and wheat husk.

The Kanso Natural Upcycled Planters come in three sizes- 3”, 5”, and 7” and all feature drainage holes and come with trays. Kanso planters are durable as well as stylish, and perfect for dressing up your indoor plants.

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The Classic Look

French doors, antiques, sconces- these are the design elements that make your heart flutter. You love clean lines and greys and cream and we love your classic style! You feature an array of classic houseplants in your home: Pothos plants, Rubber trees, and Boston ferns.

For you, oh lover of the classics, may I suggest the Terracotta Cylinder Pots from Momma Pots. Terracotta is a time-tested favorite of houseplant owners, and these pots meld old materials with a new design.

These beautiful terracotta pots come in four sizes- 4.5”, 6.25”, 8.25”., and 10.25” and all have a drainage hole. They come with elegant water trays to rest on, and each pot is handmade.

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Another option for the lover of the classic look would be the Plastic Cylinder Plant Pot with Saucer from Siegmunt Trade LLC. These lightweight pots feature a minimalist design and come in two classic colors: white and terracotta.

Each pot has multiple drainage holes in the bottom to make sure your plant's soil doesn’t stay soggy and comes with a saucer for any water that may leak. These pots feature the sophistication of porcelain or terracotta without the risk of them falling and breaking.

They are sturdy and flexible- the best of both worlds. These chic pots come in a range of sizes and fit 4”, 5”, 6”, and 7” plants.

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The Plant Collector

For you, houseplants aren’t an element of home design- they’re a way of life. You stop by every plant shop you pass and rarely leave empty-handed. You ask your friends for clippings, and you propagate the plants that you already have- always searching for more. We see your unbridled enthusiasm for plants and we love you for it!

While you may have a great love for plants in your heart, you may not have a great amount of space for all the ones you would hope to have. That’s why we recommend for you plant collectors the Wall Garden Hanger from Houseplant Wholesale WEST.

These durable grey wall hanger is 20” wide by 30” tall and can hold up to 18 plants! Perfect to hang on your wall that receives the best light in your home, and perfect for watering your plants all at once. This helpful little wall-hanging garden allows you to up your plant game without taking up too much counter or table space.

Be sure to check out our Planters page where you can find all these pots and many more to fit your style!

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