Canopi Plants Begonia Potting Mix

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Canopi Plant custom soil mixes are shipped in small, easy-to-handle bags and designed specifically for the plant you need to repot. Why haul a heavy bag of generic soil back from the garden center to repot one plant? Give your plants the perfect mix, and save yourself the hassle.

The perfect potting mix for begonias should provide ample drainage, moderate moisture retention, and be slightly acidic to neutral in pH. A well-balanced blend often consists of one part peat moss or coco coir for moisture retention, one part perlite or vermiculite for aeration and drainage, and one part bark to provide a combination of organic material, chunks for aeration, and mild moisture retention. Incorporating a small amount of compost, worm castings and charcoal can enrich the mix with organic matter, and good fungi and microbial life.

Size Guide

Small: 1.7 Dry Quarts

Large:  15 Dry Quarts

Repotting Guide

 4" Pot Small
6" Pot Small
8" Pot Large
10" Pot Large
12" Pot 1 Large, 2 Small
14" Pot 2 Large
16" Pot 3 Large

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