Tradescantia White Stripe

Botanical Name: Tradescantia fluminenesis 'Variegata'
Common Names: Tradescantia White Cloud, Flowering Inch Plant, Wandering Willie, Wandering Dude, Small Leaf Spiderwort, Inch Plant
Low Maintenance
Easy to Propagate
Tradescantia White StripeTradescantia White StripeTradescantia White StripeTradescantia White StripeTradescantia White Stripe


The Tradescantia White Stripe looks beautiful and delicate like a flower but behaves like a sturdy and fast growing trailing vine. It combines the best of a lovely bouquet of flowers and a determined houseplant: it is the green gift that keeps on giving.

Care Guide

Light Requirements
Prefers medium sunlight. Tolerates low sunlight or artificial lighting. Growth will slow in low light conditions. Bright sunlight can scorch the leaves.
Artificial Light
Direct Sun
Water Needs
Prefers consistent but moderate watering. Tolerates occasional dryness. Will not tolerate excessive watering.
Soil Preference
Prefers a soil mix with moderate drainage speeds and high water retentive properties. Include a high percentage of sustainablt sourced peat moss as well as a rich organic compost mix. Drainage can be aided through the use of perlite, pumice, and bark.
Moisture Retention
Fast Drying
Drainage Speed